Things to Consider When Getting Singing Lessons for Your Kids

It is truly rewarding for your kids to start singing lessons at a very young age so that their voice can develop as the child matures. Once parents have discovered that their child has the potential to be a star, do not think twice to hone in on the skills in singing. It is said that it will not only develop the child’s skills in music, but most importantly, the child can develop their self-esteem and strong communication skills. In fact, several studies showed that children who take music lessons increase their skill in problem solving, cognitive function, and general intelligence.


If you think that the cost is very expensive, there are ways to develop their singing potential, while you as parents can learn too. Here are some practical tips by Helene Goldnadel for parents who wish to help their child to develop their singing voice.


Join a children’s choir group. You may encourage your child to join a children’s choir group. Of course, it helps if your child shares in your strong faith, because not only that your child can enhance his or her voice quality, but mostly, it is one way to offer the gift of voice to God.


Choose appropriate songs for your child. What most parents do not realize is that a child has to remain a child and preserve their innocence, and let it be that way. A choice of song is very important consideration. Teach your child an appropriate children’s song or praise song which is appropriate for their age. Although it is amazing to see a child who acts like your favorite professional artist, it is also important that you explain to them what the song is all about, so that your child can fully understand what kind of emotions go into the song.


Learn and Sing with your child. Parents can be a facilitator of learning. You can purchase some of the best singing software so that you can bond with your child while learning together the correct techniques in singing. Knowledge is transferable especially when you are committed to give time, dedication, and patience. The learning must be encompassing and continuous.


Make it a bonding time to sing with your child. You can spark the interest of your child in singing if you are musically inclined as well. Most families are finding simple joy in singing karaoke together. The first step for your child to learn how to sing is by recognizing the rhythm and sing correctly in tune with the music. You can also enhance the active listening of your child because children at a young age have the potential to retain in their memory something that interests them and mimic the sound, just exactly how it goes.


Warm up and Practice Makes Perfect. Practice and teaching your child to warm up their voice is very important. You don’t want to strain the voice of your precious child, right? There is a correct technique on how to do the warm ups and vocalization, make sure to impart the correct method.


Last, do not impose or force your child to sing if he or she is not up to it. Motivation and rewards can help, but also be considerate on the capacity of your precious one. If singing is for your child, without any effort, it will come out naturally and the singing potential can be enhanced and developed with your support, as loving parents.


Helene Goldnadel is an American producer born in France. She is a recording artist, a song writer, and a musician.

Because of her background as a singer and a recording artist with EMI France, Helene  has taught children age four and up how to sing. Helene Goldnadel has been working with children in voice placement, voice projection and has kept countless young performers from the painful damage which vocalist experience when they do not sing from the diaphragm.

Helene Goldnadel’s various levels of expertise in vocal expression have a lot to do with the ability to sing from the diaphragm.


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