Voice Over Recording – How to Be a Success in This Field

Have you been told that you have a good voice and that you should try your hand at voice over recording? This might seem to be a good idea to a person who is not conversant with the way in which this industry is run. However, people who are conversant with this field know that there are many things that contribute to success in it, and having a good voice is only the starting point.


Voice over recording is a very lucrative field because there is huge demand for this service. Creators of documentaries, audio books as well as video games and animation films need this particular service. In fact, the success of their final product can depend on the quality of voices they use. Helene Goldnadel a recording artist suggests that if you want to break into this field and make a successful living in it then you certainly need to have more than an attractive voice, although you cannot succeed without it.


Voice over recording is a very technical field and it makes use of extremely high tech equipment as well as computer hardware and software. This is also a very creative field because the person who is providing the voice needs to be able to do a flawless job as well as cater to different requirements of the people who are commissioning the recording. It might come as a surprise to you that a pleasant voice can come across as totally unsuitable once it is recorded.


A voice over artist needs to understand the science behind the creation of speech. There are different body parts that are used when a person speaks and the artist needs to know how to use them correctly. Voice and sound is produced using the mouth, chest, lungs and diaphragm and not just the voice box. After recording, a voice can be found to contain a lot of unsuitable smacking, popping and wet noises. Some voices will have an extra sibilance that sounds very unsuitable when the recording is played back.


You will definitely need some voice coaching in case you wish to achieve success as a voice over artist. A coach will train you in the desired manner of using different body parts so that you can eliminate sounds that distract listeners. Conversely, you can also learn how to bring these sounds into any recording you create in case that is required for a particular job.


You should also learn how to handle a microphone so that your voice recording is of a dependable quality. You will be expected to stay at a consistent distance from the mic and to step back slightly if you have to read louder passages so that the air from your mouth does not hit the mic and create disturbances.


It is a good idea for you to get basic training in how to be a voice over recording artist. You will be able to turn this into a very lucrative career and people will come looking for you once you start making a name for yourself in the business.


Helene Goldnadel is an American citizen born in France. An actor, recording artist, music producer and TV and video producer, she has been working behind the scenes for years to empower children. Helene and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.
For more details, visit here: http://helenegoldnadel.tv/


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