What is Music and Movement For Children?

In recent years, Music & Movement classes for young children have been all the rage. Yet many parents do not understand what a music and movement class is all about, or what it can do for their children. Many parents confuse it with a traditional music class in which the child learns to play an instrument such as keyboard or violin. Some believe that Music and Movement classes are about ‘music appreciation’ – a misnomer because, unless one is addressing a specific genre of music to gain deeper insights, appreciating music as an act in itself does not require attending classes.

So what is music and movement and its benefits?

In a nutshell, a music and movement class uses music as a medium to inspire and encourage children to experience and participate in the making of music through use of the different senses in the body. Hence in a typical class, the child will use his sight, hearing, vocal chords, brain, and limbs, when he sings, reads, dances, listens to sounds, music and instructions and move to rhythms and beats. It is an experiential approach to developing musicality and musicianship.

As a child listens, moves, sings, plays and interacts with his peers through music, he gains insight into different musical elements, and foundational musical skills. These include a strong sense of beat and rhythm, correct pitch sense, musical expressiveness, understanding of musical styles and genres, acuity in differentiating musical nuances, and a passion for music that would see them through the discipline required of them when they learn to play an instruments.

The constant use and stimulation of the child’s five basic senses not only help the child’s physical development, it also facilitates the creative and lateral thinking capabilities. All domains of their development (physical, cognitive, social, emotional, as well as linguistic) will benefit from participation in such programs, as long as these are well conceived and taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

Helene Goldnadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years. Helene Goldnadel has dedicated her life to children and the education which they receive at Helene Goldnadel’s acting institution.

She personally coaches personal growth and of course, singing. She has successfully placed outstanding graduates of her school’s for years.
For more details, please visit here: http://helenegoldnadel.yolasite.com


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