How Preschool Songs Can Help Your Child Learn?

We have all had the experience of listening to the radio when a song comes on that you haven’t heard in 10, 15, or 20 years. But right away you start to sing along like you heard it yesterday, you don’t miss a single word. Amazing right. Well not really. You probably heard it a hundred times in it’s hay day. Repetition.

Kids are no different. Those songs like Wheels on the Bus and The Itsy Bitsy Spider help your child learn simple concepts through repetition. Singing along to these simple songs helps them to become familiar with new words and concepts. The Old McDonald song helps young children learn the sounds that animals make and there are songs that help with numbers and colors.

Singing also helps young children feel confident and less shy around the other children. And when you add fun hand motions and wiggles to the song the kids really come to life. And if you really want to add some spice, give children some simple musical instruments. Tamboreens, bells and bongos and kazoos are very easy for children to use and they absolutely love to play them. Exposing them to music at an early age is will encourage their love for music as they grow.

Music is a magical gift that should nourished and cultivated at an early age, especially now that scientific evidence proves that children who have been exposed to music at an early age make better math and science students later on. Medical and health-care research has also shown evidence that there is a link between music and singing and good health and healing. Children that sing are less likely to be overly stressed and have a more positive emotional profile.

The evidence is compelling that music and singing have a positive impact on all aspects of child learning and development.

Helene Goldnadel and her team offer music and music instruments lessons to young aspirants. The children enjoy the ability to sing previously rehearsed material, and they also gain improvisation skills in actually both singing and acting.

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Beginning Steps by Helene Goldnadel to Learning and Practicing to be A Pianist

Anyone that’s learning to play the piano knows that you only become proficient at a new skill with plenty of practice. A roll up piano is something that you might find useful in helping you master the art of playing the piano. Many people that take piano lessons don’t have a piano at home due to the fact that a piano can be an expensive proposition. Owning a piano can also be difficult for some due to the space it takes up. This is where the roll up piano comes into play.

A roll up piano can fit into your purse and be played anywhere. It is battery operated and small but unrolls into a decent sized mat with regular sized keys, which can give you the practice you want with realistic sounds. These units typically run for under $100.00 and can be a great asset to someone who wants to practice in various locations or for someone who doesn’t own a piano at all and wants to practice outside their classroom.

A roll up piano can make a great gift, too. If you have someone in your life that is either a proficient player that doesn’t own one or someone interested in learning to play, this can be a thoughtful gift that’s much less expensive than buying a baby grand piano or even an electronic keyboard. Many people that have used these units rave about the quality that comes from them. They have great sound and many sound options such as organ, harpsichord, violin, trumpet, sax and more. This can be not only for the piano enthusiast but also for any music lover. A child or an adult would get a kick out of a great gift like the roll up piano.

Some other tips by Helene Goldnadel for learning to play piano better:

Pianists know that practice makes perfect. Here are a few tips to enhance your musical flair and be a better piano player:

  • Always warm up before playing. Your fingers need to stretch and become nimble with your practice drills to help you play well. Even concert pianists know the value of a warm up.
  • Play every day. If you play every day, you will become more proficient, quicker
  • Learn music theory. The more time you spend learning the theory behind music such as reading music and tempos, the quicker you will be able to simply open up a music book and play whatever song you like.
  • Use the Internet. The Internet has lots of free information including practice sheets, downloadable music and even online courses that can help you to become more talented at tickling the ivories.

With time and determination, just about anyone can learn a new skill. Whether you are a young child or an adult in your golden years, you can learn to master learning a new language, play a musical instrument or any other undertaking you are willing to put effort into and practice into.

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Tips by Helene Goldnadel to Keep Your Child Interested in Learning a Music Instrument

Many parents have encountered the situation whereby their child started out very interested in picking up music lessons for the piano, violin, cello or saxophone; however the child soon loses his or her interest. Imagine the surprise of the parent and the heartbreak of losing a lot of money they have invested in the child’s private music lessons and music instruments. In many cases, the child (now grown up as a teenager) regretted h or her decision and wished their parents had been more insistent on making sure he or she completes learning the violin, cello or piano.


There are four techniques always suggested by Helene Goldnadel to parents which will encourage a child to continue his music lessons through teenage years. What are these techniques which will keep the child passionate about music?


1) Enrol your child in group classes

Many times, parents start their children on private violin or cello lessons and soon after, the child declares that he or she want to quit. However, with a friend or in a group, the child develops his interest faster. Group music lessons can be structured to be a fun activity especially for young children.

It is true that children who take music lessons in a group tend to acquire the interest in the instrument; since they view that the weekly classes are fun get together with their friends. Aside from group classes, consider enrolling your child in a performing group like the youth orchestra. From regular practice sessions, your child will develop a deeper appreciation in the instrument.


2) Be encouraging

Children thrive on encouragement. Be positive and give encouraging comments to your child. Try not to shout or stress your child out when he or she is not picking up the instrument at the desired pace.

Aside from offering words of encouragement, reward them for practicing the instrument regularly. The reward could be a trip to the local ice cream store or a toy. For teenagers, you may want to be flexible in terms of how long they practice every day.


3) Do not cram their schedule

It is natural for any parent to wish that their child excel in everything they do. However, there needs to be a balance between cramming their schedule full of activities and classes and leaving them some play time. If you wish for your child to excel in playing a music instrument, pick one instead of several so that your child can focus.

So in summary, if you ensure that the above four points are adhered to, this will ensure that your child develops passion for taking music lessons in whichever instrument he or she is interested in.


Helene Goldnadel is a musician and a music teacher. She provides lessons on various activities ranging from acting, singing, dancing to life coaching and personal development to her young students. For many years Helene is working with children in voice placement, voice projection.


The Rhythm of Music Classes by Helene Goldnadel

The tune of music makes life melodious. The field of music is no less than vast and so, it includes a lot of things. Everyone loves the presence of music and is seen to be inclined towards it. A major part in the field of music is occupied by instruments. There are umpteen numbers of instruments here. It is often seen that people like to learn playing different musical instruments. They enjoy doing so. This reflects the craze of music instruments and their lessons available in this sphere. The music classes by Helene Goldnadel and her team are known to be one of best in this field, and students can know it only after having an experience. Lessons are delivered by the experts that increase the interest of the students.


When one wishes to learn playing any instrument, the source of learning plays an important. The time taken to master this art depends on the type of training one obtains. So, with the help of music lessons provided here, one can know the details of this art. Also, the experienced people here who provide lessons to the students love doing so.


Violin is an amazing instrument and many people love playing it. So, violin music lessons are provided for fulfilling the desires of many people who wish to play this magical instrument. There are various occasions, when people love to do it. Many a times, they like to play it for their loved ones for making them happy. So, all such wishes are quite easily fulfilled in the presence of these lessons provided.


The popularity of piano is known to all. A number of people desire to play this instrument for many good reasons. So, the piano teachers like Helene Goldnadel make this possible. They take the responsibility to make their students learn playing this instrument very easily. With their experience, they provide special tips to their students that help them in getting familiar with the instrument. These music piano lessons are provided in the best possible way that holds the interest of the students pretty well.


Students who opt to take lessons from this source of knowledge are always known to be benefited. Here, they find it easier to learn things while compared to others. This makes this source even more likable among students. Everything done here has the only purpose of providing good lessons to the students that is likable forever.