A Child’s Environment Does Influence Child Development

For a child’s development there are many factors that play an important role. Other factors that play a role in child development include social, emotional, and physical factors. If the child grows up in a negative environment, one that doesn’t provide emotional support and growth or one that hinders physical health, chances are it will negatively affect child development.

From birth to adolescence a child is influenced by their surroundings. If a child grows up in a home that is well off, they may not appreciate the hard work that goes into earning a dollar because everything was given to them. On the other hand, if a child grows up in poverty, he or she may never want things that have no significance on their life. Child’s growth begins immediately and it doesn’t stop until that child is ready. As a child grows up, he or she will learn to think, become aware of them selves, learn to reason, and master language. They develop their own personalities and they learn to socialize with many different people from friends, neighbors, family members, to teachers and preachers. What a child learns during child development will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Child development expert Helene Goldnadel believes that socializing is not just about playing with children from time to time, it is about learning to play, share, and to work out any differences. Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace as other children do however there are no restrictions and time lines as far as the body and mind are concerned. It is humans that have placed a timeline on when a child should develop and at what age. A child may be very shy or outgoing, a child may show advanced intellect or it may seem average. These are social skills that are a part of child development and begin immediately after birth as people surround that child with love. If a child is not surrounded with love or if the love is minimal, then that child will learn to only love back to a certain degree.

The environment can play an important role in child’s skill enhancement in so many ways. First there are hereditary traits that can affect a child. The way they talk, walk; their physique, cognitive thinking, and more can be due to their environment. Nutrition, medical care received, and exposure to environmental issues that happen all around the world.

The world inside and outside of the front door to a child’s home can affect the child development. For example, if a child sees their mom or dad get shot, it could send them into such a deep dark depression they may lock themselves into a world of silence because they don’t know who to trust and what is safe.

The environment is not the only thing that can influence child’s growth. A child can influence it as well. How they respond to people, activities, or their surroundings will be a key factor in their child development.


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