Creative Ways by Helene Goldnadel to Supplement Your Child’s Music Class

You have signed your little one up for a music class, and they love attending. For that hour or half hour each week, your little one is free to dance, bang drums, squeal, and sing. They laugh, coo, stick out their slobbery tongue, and do many other adorable things that you do not get to see every day. If you learn how to supplement those weekly music classes at home, you could actually see all of those adorable behaviors on a daily basis. Following are some creative ideas suggested by Helene Goldnadel to get you started:


Create a Music Room


Part of what makes music class so fun is the assortment of instruments that children are exposed to. One week you may be banging drums together, but the next week you might be touching a banjo or listening to the guitar being played while you sing together. You can recreate that magic in your own home by setting up a music room of your own. Your baby will quickly associate that room with the happiness of music, and their faces will light up when the door opens.


It is expensive to do this, so focus on starting out with some cheaper, smaller instruments. Smaller children may even use pots and pans, wooden spoons, and other household items as starter instruments. You can find instruments at yard sales and on Craigslist as well. Build up over time and it won’t seem like such an enormous financial investment.

This could even be a section of your child’s room if you do not have an entire room to devote to music at this time.


Make a Daily Time for Music


Work music into your daily routine, so you are playing music and enjoying it at a given time each day. This might be listening to fun children’s songs in the bathroom during bath time (do not put it too close to the tub), or it might be dancing around the kitchen as you make dinner. Dinnertime is actually a great time for music, as your child will enjoy helping you cook as they grow older.


This should become a daily tradition, so music becomes a natural part of your little one’s world. Incorporate themes and lessons taught during your music class, and your child will quickly grasp what is being taught during those lessons.


Regular Talent Shows


Family talent nights are a blast for everyone! This is something a smaller baby may not completely grasp, but as they grow older, they will enjoy and look forward to performing on these family fun nights. You can do karaoke or have each person in the family get up and sing and dance to a song. You can do anything during your time “on the stage” and everyone’s eyes are glued on you.


This gives children a chance to process, practice and display things they are learning through their music class. Rather than just learning in the class then going home and forgetting music until next week, they will actually grow in their love of music as they get this performance experience in a safe, supportive environment. That will do wonders for their self-confidence and help them even in adulthood.


Think of your own creative ways to supplement the lessons being taught in music class. You will help them learn through music what other children may never learn at all.

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