Is Your Child Creative or Analytical?

It seems like a very simple question as to whether your child is a creative or analytical thinker. Before we get into the details of it, let us first understand as to what means to be creative and analytical and how the brain functions for one to be either.


The brain is primarily divided into two hemispheres mainly the left and right. Both sides of the brain perform different actions and process data differently. The right side of the brain looks at etc whole picture and then at the details. The right brain process data more intuitively whilst focusing on visuals. The left brain on the other hand, is verbal and analytical. It takes in the pieces sequentially, analyses them and then creates the whole picture.


The creative thinkers are more likely to think in pictures and the whole while the left brained analytical thinkers are more likely to think in words and sequences. There is nothing good or bad about being predominantly left or right brained i.e. being creative or analytical. Making a statement that a child is creative or analytical simply means that a particular side of their brain is more dominant than the other.


It also means that both sides of the brain can be developed to work equally well. It requires training, but can very easily be done. Teaching a child to develop both hemispheres of the brain so that the child can make use of the required faculty as and when needed.


To know whether your child is predominantly creative or analytical, various online tests are available for you to use. This is just to give a clearer picture as to which side is more dominant. Or you can just observe your child and come to the conclusion. Creative children are sloppier than their analytical counter parts that prefer to have things on order. It also shows in their choice of toys. Creative children opt for toys and games that let them use their imagination while the analytical ones go for constructive problem solving type games like puzzles.


Whether your child is creative or analytical is no measure of your child’s capabilities it is just a part of it and should be treated such. Many parents like to have their children analyzed so as to take further action accordingly, however its best to provide them with overall experience of everything and let them choose and grow on their own accord.


Don’t be surprised if one day your creative child comes in having made a Lego house with even the minutest of details or your analytical child comes home with an A at painting. Helene Goldnadel suggests you to don’t put your child in a labeled box of being creative or analytical. Your child is so much more than a label and a box.


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