Learning Styles For Children

Do you know the learning style of your preschooler? These are usually four styles in which children can learn. By understanding these styles, you can begin to recognize which style you child might better learn by then you could look for ways to help your child learn. Outlined below are the four styles discussed by Helene Goldnadel to look for:


1) Kinesthetic learners learn by actually carrying out an physical activity. Moving, doing, touching. They enjoy sport activities and acting. They might even tap their feet or play with their hands while sitting at a table. Sometimes they are labeled “hyperactive” as children. They like to feel and experience what is being asked of them to learn. Performing acts, dancing, making models, drawing, painting, outside activities helps type to learn. Example: pronouncing and writing the word “kick” you should give them a moment to actually kick before you ask them to write the word.


2) Visual learners learn by watching. Seeing body language and facial expressions to help understand the lesson helps. Sitting in front with no distractions helps. Puzzles, maps, charts, arts, mazes are a fun way to help them learn. Flash cards and highlighting words to help.


3) Language-oriented learners might learn by singing and/or hearing a story. Listening to tone of voice, pitch and speed helps them to understand better. Reading directions aloud and reading a story aloud together.


4) Logical learners might learn by following instructions, exploring patterns and relationships. Wants to know exactly how things work. They like computer programs and hands on activities. Organization, meeting deadlines, working with time lines is better for them. They do not like wasting time.


Some children can have two styles combined and styles can change as they grow using different ways to learn. Just knowing what to look for can help you understand what works best for them at this time. It can be so much fun watching your child grow and learn. They get so excited over such little things. Enjoy this time in their life because it goes by way too fast.


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