Helene Goldnadel Explains How To Get Your Child Ready For Kindergarten

As your child gets older, they will quickly approach the age of going into kindergarten. Going to kindergarten is an issue of age but it’s also one of maturity.  Your child needs to learn some basic skills that will help him or her be more ready for school. Below Helene Goldnadel discusses what you can do that will help you prepare your child for kindergarten.

Read to your child each day. This is a good practice as it does help your child learn. He or she will learn basic words better and will recognize more letters which will aid learning the ABC’s.  It will also stimulate your child’s imagination.

Also teach your child how to write the ABC’s because this will help them to learn them also. Plus it will help with their penmanship.

Get your child some very basic problem solving worksheets. These are things that you can do with your child. Many of these will work on basic skills like counting and thinking skills. Don’t go overboard on this as your child might not think it’s fun anymore if they are pressured to do them one after the other.

Teach your child how to get dressed properly. He or she might not be able to do it all but they should at least understand how the clothing works. This makes things like bathroom breaks a bit easier on the teachers and your child.

Try to get your child to know some very basic things. Teach them the colors, numbers, letters, and everyday names for common items. You can do a bit more if you want but this should be enough for kindergarten.

Teach your child to write and recognize his or her name. This will help in kindergarten as there will be things that are labeled with his or her name. You should also make sure they know their address and phone number in case of an emergency.

Socialize your child. Get him or her in front of other children. Make sure your child isn’t being overly selfish or mean to the other kids. Stop these bad behaviors as soon as you can. Teach them to play well with the other children in the neighborhood before they start school.

As your child approaches the age to go to kindergarten, there are some basic skills that you need to teach your child. Find out what these are so you can start working on them.


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