Why Do You Need a Bass Guitar Instructor? Helene Goldnadel Explains

There are only two options for you to learn how to properly play bass guitar; whether you hire an instructor or download an online course. Self studying can be a good idea provided that you have a strong foundation in music; meaning, you are already playing other instruments like piano, guitar or even a violin. In this case, you have had developed listening skill. But for some, this might not be the case. There are so many advantages a formal learning medium can do to you on your initial stages of bass guitar playing. Below are some them discussed by Helene Goldnadel a music teacher and life coach:




Without a formal education on bass guitar-which is a very delicate instrument-you will come across so many different issues. Am I doing it right? Have I tuned my guitar the right way? What kind of scales should I use? Do I even have to use these scales? Which note to strike to get this chord? You have a lot of questions in a short amount of time. Unless you have a very good and accommodating band mates willing to teach you on your convenience for free, forget about it. You will be saving a lot of precious time tinkering on your methods when there is someone who can properly and effectively teach you all the basic things you need to learn. Bass guitar combines rhythm and melody. For an untrained bass player, what might be a perfect pitch and timing could be more of a nuisance to the listener. With an instructor around, you’ll be sure that there someone who is ready to adjust your rhythms and melody as you play along. Their experience can be your advantage because you will learn short cuts and techniques which will complement your style. An experienced instructor is spot on in knowing your weaknesses and strengths real-time. Thus, you can save a lot of hours of tinkering and tweaking.




Just like in a normal class, a set of course syllabus enable you to learn an efficient way in playing bass guitar. Instead of jumping around on the web trying to know everything that pops out of your head, a formal and structured bass course syllabus will keep you on track. It will also help you measure your performance on different aspects of bass guitar; from basic rhythms, soloing techniques, correct picking, harmonizing, different grooves and styles up until transcribing your own songs.




Sure you can play on your convenient time. You can play for hours at one time or not at all the next day. With instructors and coaches around, you will learn how to schedule your bass guitar class. In effect, it will help you develop focus, hard work and dedication on what you want to achieve.


If you really want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. It is always necessary to have a guiding hand to help you all throughout.


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